Vehicle suspension repairs
Whenever an issue with the suspension or struts occurs, it is paramount you address it as soon as possible. The suspension on your car is the critical connection between you and your wheels. It deserves special care and attention to ensure your safety on the road.

Car mechanics in Wrexham

With all the pot holes and speed bumps, at lot of strain is put on the suspension of your car. Our professional mechanic at Minera Garage can offer full-service auto repair, including vehicle suspension system repair and struts repair for all makes and models. Terry can install or repair your vehicle suspension systems. He can tailor the repairs and services to match up to your unique requirements.

Vehicle suspension system maintenance

  • Suspension arms
  • Shock replacement
  • Stabiliser links and bushes
  • Strut replacement
  • Suspension inspection
  • Shock absorbers and springs
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Vehicle suspension repairs and maintenance in Wrexham, contact Minera Garage today. Call

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